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Ovens Range


With so many clever, innovative functions, Siemens ovens make cooking much simpler.

A full range of microwaves ensures convenience and offers a variety of heating modes.

Combination ovens offer flexibility in using the cooking functions and is ideal for cooking all types of food.


A complete break-through of design and technology, the built-in ovens possess a unique style like no other.

Its combined use of high quality stainless steel and black glass with blue light control panel creates a range of sophisticated, yet elegant ovens.

Microwave Ovens

Siemens microwave ovens are extremely efficient in terms of heating food.

While the user-friendly control panel enables you to operate them conveniently, the stainless steel interiors ensure easy cleaning.

Siemens microwave ovens are designed in such away that they make a perfect match when installed with other appliances and give flexibility of opening the door either with left or right hinged.

Combination Ovens

A combination oven gives you more flexibility, as you can use microwave / steam functions independently or together.

Its in-built auto programs enable you to cook easily in one touch as the temperature is defined, leading to saving of time.

A perfect combination of auto programs, memory functions, safety and easy control knobs gives you the chance to cook more with Siemens Combination Oven.

Easy Cleaning


ecoClean is your best ally in cleaning of the oven.

The self-cleaning function helps in cleaning the walls and the roof of the oven at higher temperature.

It cleans so easily and efficiently that you don't even need to remove the rails when the function is on.

These self-cleaning walls of ecoClean last for
a lifetime of your oven.


Simply wipe out the ashes of roasting, grilling and baking from the cooking zone and enjoy baking in your oven for many years.

This self-cleaning function burns off residues when set at high temperature.

It ensures that the oven runs for longer time until all sides, roof and the door are cleaned properly. For safety, the door is locked automatically during this process. activeClean ensures that cleaning is not required too often since it is very effective.

Telescopic Rails

Telescopic Rails

An ideal option if your oven is tucked away.

Shelves can glide effortlessly reducing the work for heavy roasts.

The shelves have a stop function which helps them to come out effortlessly to a certain level so that one can add the toppings comfortably and also check the baking level.

TFT Display

Check current settings and useful information at a glance.

The TFT color display is easy to read and easy to use.

The technology offers even better readability from every angle making it easy to keep track of things while you're cooking.

Door Safety

softClose Door

The new door dampens the closing so that the door closes very gently.

The softClose door ensures that the frequent opening of the door, while cooking, doesn't impact the life of the door.

The door is closed so gently that it doesn't make any noise.


To ensure that door surface temperature is kept as low as possible, all ovens come with double, triple or quadruple glass doors. Depending on the model, the temperature of the door can be as low as 40°C during cooking and does not exceed 50°C

Safety Door Lock

To prevent unintentional accidents, the oven door will automatically lock during the active cleaning process as the temperature goes up to 480oC.

Microwave Ovens with Grill

Grill Microwave

Save energy while grilling delicious Indian recipes in a microwave oven.

Siemens microwave ovens consists an additional feature - an internal grill.

Microwave oven without a grill is also available as an option in the range.

Stainless Steel Interior Design

All models under this range feature a good looking, durable and easy to clean stainless steel interior.

Our 60cm models utilize microwaves fed from below the ceramic base of the appliance, while standard models use glass turntables to ensure effective microwave distribution.

With the help of the user-friendly light control panel, one can easily read and operate the appliance comfortably.

Siemens offers microwave ovens with left and right opening door options considering consumer habits.

Automatic Cooking Program & Recipe Memory Setting

Simply select the food type and weight, and let the appliance do the rest.

Every model in microwave and microwave combination ovens features automatic cooking and defrost programmes, while most models offer at least one memory position so you can store your favourite recipes.

Type Of Combination Ovens

Combination Microwave Ovens

A combined microwave, grill and convection (hot-air) oven gives you more flexibility, as you can use these functions independently or together.

Its in-built auto programs enable you to cook easily in one touch as the temperature is defined, leading to saving of time.
A perfect combination of auto programs, memory functions, safety and easy control knobs give you the chance to cook more with Siemens Combination Microwave Oven.

Combination Steam Ovens

A precise control over the steam and hot air gives you a perfect recipe maintaining the flavour, taste, color and nutrients keeping you healthy and happy.

A perfect combination of auto programs, memory functions, safety and easy control knobs give you the chance to cook more with Siemens combination steam oven.

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Choose the perfect Siemens Oven

Cooking need

If you like to bake, roast and grill often you should opt for a convection oven

These ovens have a fan at the back that forces air circulation throughout the oven, cooking food more evenly.

A convection oven comes with a variety of heating options that lets you defrost, slow cook and even make pizzas.

If you are health-conscious and would like to avail of steaming options (for making idlis, dhoklas) you could opt for a combination steam oven.


Choose an oven based on how much you cook and how often.

If you are a family of 4 individuals planning to use an oven for reheating, light level of baking, making pizzas you can opt for an oven with a capacity of 60-70 litres. Typically, Siemens Ovens have a capacity of 62 - 67 litres.

If you are a family of 4 & above with larger cooking needs on a daily basis, including baking breads, roasting meat & veggies you could opt for a larger capacity. Siemens offers Double Ovens in its Black series at 106 litres, lower oven at 71 litres (preferable for defrosting and hot air cooking), & top oven at 35 litres(preferable for grilling options).


An oven should ideally have these basic features

Bottom heating: Ideal for slow cooking like casseroles and curries

HydroBaking: Moisture remains inside the oven, giving more moist results. Ideal for making cakes, breads and pastries.

Hot air grilling: Ideal for crisping and crackling on meat

Intensive heat: Top as well as bottom heating ideal for crispy cake bases, cheesecakes, pizzas

Siemens ovens offer a wide choice of heating methods providing ideal cooking options for all types of food such as 3D hot air and Hot air eco-cooking.

3D hot air – which is ideal for all types of food, cooking upto 3 levels at the same time – Ideal for baking and roasting.

Hot air eco-cooking - hot air has 3 levels of heating options. To save energy, less heat is distributed into the cavity (i.e level used) and remaining heat is saved.

Eco Clean and Pyroclean functions– In pyroclean function at the touch of a button the oven starts heating and reaches 500 degrees Fahrenheit approx. Food residues on the internal walls are burnt off completely, leaving the oven clean as new. One should use such cleaning function when the oven is used more often with larger quantity of food.

Siemens ovens also offers features such as Child lock, Automatic safety switch etc.


In terms of design, ovens need to match with other kitchen appliances to give your kitchen an elegant and consistent look.

Siemens offers a range of ovens with Blue TFT display, drop down door for easy opening and easy handling of food, illuminated controls in black and steel color options, Telescopic rails for shelves to glide effortlessly, Soft close door and Cool touch door ensuring that door surface temperature is kept as low as possible.

It also has Double Oven in its Black Series

Choose a Siemens Microwave Oven that gives you more flexibility while cooking.

Cooking need

For an avid experimental cook who prepares an entire meal - such as baking breads, grilling an entire chicken or fish you would need a combination microwave oven (i.e with baking and grilling as an option). This offers an added advantage of crisping and browning food, as well as heating food more quickly.


You should choose a capacity based on the number of family members and how often you plan to cook meals for them using a microwave oven

For an Indian family of four individuals with minimal cooking needs, you could opt for a 21-25 litre microwave oven.

If you cook in large casseroles or grill an entire chicken for instance, make sure that you go in for a larger capacity microwave oven.

Siemens offers a combination microwave oven with baking & grilling options at 42 litres.


Programmable cooking: This is a convenient feature that lets you select power changes and adjust timing. Siemens Automatic programmes includes - automatic one-touch defrost, one touch cooking option etc

Siemens microwave ovens have around 10 Automatic programmes and combination microwave ovens have around 60 Automatic programs that include defrosting and cooking options.

Memory functions: These are of great help for people who prepare the same meal everyday.

A microwave oven has around 1-2 memory settings and a combination microwave oven has around 6-7 memory settings.


In terms of design, microwave ovens need to match other kitchen appliances to give an elegant and consistent look. Built-in microwave ovens are sleeker looking and modern. Being built-in and mounted in a high cabinet means you have it at a comfortable working height.

Siemens ovens feature a sleek white display with blue indicator lights and full metal illuminated retractable controls.