Customer service for your Siemens oven

Crispy bread, moist cakes – with a Siemens oven you can prepare a wide range of dishes. Do you have any questions about a repair or need a suitable accessory? Then the expert Siemens Customer Service will help you quickly.

Siemens Customer Service will repair your oven – quickly, expertly and professionally

Siemens service technicians are highly trained and will repair your oven in a professional and dependable manner. They will come directly to your home to analyse any possible damage and correct all faults on-site.

Siemens Customer Service is there for you – over the whole lifetime of your appliance. Within the warranty period Siemens service technicians will repair your oven free of charge. And long after the expiry of the manufacturer's warranty Siemens Customer Service will also inspect and repair your appliance.

The online Service Assistant for Siemens ovens

You can reach Siemens Customer Service quickly and easily via the online Service Assistant. You will receive expert tips and notes about solving minor problems around the clock. The online Service Assistant quickly helps to find the cause of any possible problems and enables you to get in touch with Siemens Customer Service directly and immediately – online or by phone.

You will also find videos online which explain in a clear and easy-to-understand way how to correct minor everyday problems with your oven yourself, by following a few simple steps.

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The rating plate – for fast help

There are two pieces of information which are important to enable customer service to help you quickly: the E-number and the FD number. Both of these are on the rating plate, which can be found in various places depending on the appliance – the Service Assistant will help you locate them.

Ideally, you should also have the invoice to hand as it could also contain some important information about your oven.

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Rating plate for Siemens appliances

The E-number is at position 1, the FD number at position 2, and the serial number at position 3.

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